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MARILYN MONROE on the set of LET'S MAKE LOVE (1960) with a gorgeous young man. Rare 10x8 photo detail. Costume by Dorothy Jeakins. Julien's Auction catalog 'Marilyn Monroe Property from the estate of Lee Strasberg' Nov 18th 2016 (please follow minkshmink on pinterest) #marilynmonroe #letsmakelove


Tonight I am in shock, sadness, I am confused, concerned, disappointed, fearful. I hold my friends and peers beliefs, identities & loved ones close to my heart. Tomorrow I wake up stronger, ready to fight for a better future together. I will never stop loving & caring about humanity, no matter who is in charge. I will pray every day that we continue our progress and that the future continues to look bright even in the darkest hour. God Bless America, we will CONTINUE to make you great.


Don't let your own worst enemy live in between your ears. Stop yourself from stopping yourself.


It's their squad. This absolutely wrecked me because this is how it should/is going to be. They are getting to know each other and are getting comfortable around each other and at the end they will truly be ready to take over the world together.


It costs nothing to be kind. There is always something special, in everyone you meet. Find it, and let them know. You'll make their day and make the world a more loving, friendly and peaceful place.❤️~BlackCat


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