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Sing the song while passing the letter bag. When the song stops have the child reach in the bag, pull out a letter and name it, produce the sound, or come up with a word with the same beginning sound. (Could do this with numbers, colors, shapes, or words too)

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Pass the Letters! song (Tune: Muffin Man) Fill a bag with letters. When the song stops, have the child holding the bag pull out a letter and identify it.

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Learning Letter Sounds

mystery letter bag-Three objects beginning with the same letter are placed in a bag. The leader pulls each item out of the bag, names each item, and the class guesses the mystery letter.

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Letter Recognition Grab Bag with Free Alphabet Printable

Letter Recognition Grab Bag Activity with free Printables. Such a fun alphabet activity for preschool and kindergarten!

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Keeping Parents informed is important. Grab a book bag parent letter and bookmark HERE!

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Practice Printing Bags

ziploc bag + dollar store hair gel + q-tip = word fun. Such a neat way to practice spelling!

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Paint Bag Writing. This would be supported by our text with practicing writing our names or learning to spell new words.

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Spill the Letters Match Up Game-Busy this but with math facts or blends (match blend to beginning picture sound)

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