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beginning sounds for jessy and lahoya @Pamela Culligan Culligan Culligan Culligan Hichens weston


Use magazines to practice letter recognition! Click here to see how to have your class go on a pirate treasure hunt for letters!

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Letter Of The Week - K Theme

This week is letter K for king.


The Letter Sounds Song - great for sound practice! It is slower, so a good calming/learning one or circle time song More

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8 Easy Phonics Activities

Help support your child as the learn to read with these phonics games. Letter sound activities for kids.

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Letter Sounds Activity with Locks

Fun way for kids to practice beginning letter sounds and they can self-correct as well.

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Letter Sounds Activity with Locks

Lock and key letter sound match. Great way to practice beginning, medial, or ending sounds and practice fine motor skills!


Teachers and reading specialists have guided us to say the letter sound before the word for your children to hear the initial letter sound starting the word. Our only exception is the using the word fox with the letter x, because the x in fox accurately makes the (ks – sound). Actively participating in this song daily will help your class achieve the Common Core and national standard of learning one to one letter sound correspondence.

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Free Printables Archives

Free Ice Cream Letter Sounds Printable. Great for kids who need the extra help in Grade 1.

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Phonics Game For Kids - Pound The Sound

KS Early Learning Standard: Communications and Literacy Foundational Skills(CL.F.p4.3a)-Demonstrates basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondence by producing the sound of some letters. The student chooses an item from the bag and pounds the peg with that beginning sound. The student then produces that sound. I would use this during small group instruction. You could monitor,evaluate and assess students' skills.