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I didn't listen the first 2 or 3 times I should have left him. And so he broke me


Been there a few times..It's never a good situation if the person is just hanging on for companionship . If the love is gone , then it's better you let them go so you don't waste any more of your time trying to give your all for someone who doesn't really care if they are there or not.


I say this all of the time. The mundane parts of life can be adventures! It's all in the way you look at things. Maybe it's being a sensualist, and not just in a sexual way, sensualist to life. A farmers market on the weekend? The sight, of all the people and produce, the sounds, the smells, the weather...These kinds of experiences are meant to be shared and enjoyed! It's about being alive and having the good fortune to have someone to share a life with. ~ BlackCat =^..^=


20 Quotes To Read If You Can’t Let Someone Go - We all have that one person we have a hard time letting go of. Here are 20 quotes to give you the extra push you need to let them go. -


Yes, but i have let someone very important go... For the best, because for her i was just like a dog. So i think letting go someone important is not simple, but when you're the only one who think you're friends, then letting go is the only way to move forward.


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