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Lewis Powell

A rare photograph of William Seward showing his scarred face after the attack by Lewis Powell


Samuel Arnold, convicted in a (failed) plot to kidnap Lincoln and hold him in an exchange for Confederate prisoners, photographed here in the same roundup as Lewis Powell. While Powell was executed with the other conspirators, Arnold was sentenced to life in prison but was pardoned by Andrew Johnson four years later.


Lewis Powell - one of the Lincoln conspirators. He was hung w/ 3 others in the first ever photographed public execution. The BW image of him is pretty well known in photo history circles but this colorized version is blowing me away right now! I've looked at the BW for so long that it is just so strange seeing it looking so modern. He is literally awaiting his hanging in this image.


Lewis Thornton Powell He was one of four people hanged for the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, which makes him a pretty bad dude. However, you cannot deny he was pretty darn good looking. Ah, why must it always be the bad boys…