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Our occult rulers designed our cities on ley lines and ancient pagan occult…

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Goddess Labyrinth1 - Limited Edition Giclee Print 5x5

"Goddess Labyrinth of the Avalon Mysteries" ~ The Priestesses of Avalon walked the labyrinth to connect with the Goddess and the sacred landscape of ancient Britain. Found worldwide, the serpent is a symbol of the powerful energies, or ley lines, of the earth, and of fertility and regeneration <3<3

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Dowsing Rod - pagan shaman divination ley lines druid witch wicca

Dowsing Rod pagan shaman divination ley by wildwizardcrafts

The city of Chico is also a model of occult or Masonic city planning that is oriented on a ley line (latitude) of ancient origin and symbolism. Chico is set up as a kind of mystery school historical veneration of the Sumerian goddess Ishtar.

Dowsing Rod pagan shaman divination ley by wildwizardcrafts, £9.99

Dowsing Rod no4 pagan shaman divination ley by wildwizardcrafts

©"Mystical Unicorn of Avalon" Statue: Medium

Carmarthen is believed to be the birthplace of Merlin. The name Carmathen is the anglicized form of the Welsh name for the town, 'Caerfyrddin', which means Merlin's fortress ("Caer"-Fortress, "Myrddin"-Merlin). these stones known as "Merlin's Quoits" date back to Neolithic times and later became linked to the legendary Merlin.


Although antlers may be considered a masculine symbol, goddesses and female shamans wear them. Deer women appear throughout world mythology. Bendis, Artemis, Elen of the Ways, Satet, and many reindeer goddesses. Female reindeer, btw, have antlers and they are among humanity's oldest deities. (For the less spiritual, you can just enjoy this photo as a sexy Hannibal cosplay.)