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Li Bai(701—762),whose courtesy name was Tai Bai (Grand Whiteness, 太白) & literal name was Qinglian Jushi (Lay Buddhist of Green Lotus, 青莲居士), was a world-famous representative of Chinese ancient literature, especially in the realm of classical poem, which in China is extensively called Tang Shi, or Poem of Tang Dynasty, & he was highly crowned to be The Immortality of Poem & Poetic Swordsman.

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“Before my bed, the moon is shining bright, I think that it is frost upon the ground. I raise my head and

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vombye123: Takato YamamotoI love this style of art. It’s similar to what you might find in graphic design, but still has a sense of traditional art.

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Shi Tao (1642-1707) Landscape Inspired by Li Bai's Poem Ink on paper, hanging scroll Inscribed and signed Shi Tao Ji, with two seals of the artist 98cm × 41cm (38½in × 16in). 石濤(1642-1707) 李白詩意山水 水墨紙本 立軸 款識:粉壁為空天,丹青狀江海。遊雲不知歸,日見白鶴在。李白句,用為慎安先生。石濤濟。 鈐印:老濤、四百峰中箬笠翁圖畫

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Hand-guard (tsuba) for a sword, pierced copper-gold alloy (shakudo) with gold, depicting the Chinese poet Li Bai (701-762) standing in the right foreground, with a gold walking stick, dressed in a kimono with a gold sash around the waist and wearing gold slippers. Branches and gold flowers curl around the centre slit and the slits on either side, and waves crest in the left foreground. Signed made by Mogarshi Soten of Hikone in Omi province, Japan, ca. 1700-1800.

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