These guys put everything on the line for us, so it makes sense to hear their thoughts on The Donald.

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We're not equally gifted, we don't all come first. But historically, a lot of "losers" go farther in life. Always be kind; never cripple with flawed interpretations of equality.

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Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, has an award that is often presented in her namesake. Many pro-abortion activists have received this award from Planned Parenthood, including California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

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Dishonest Liberal Websites Wrongfully Accusing Ted Nugent of Calling Native Americans ‘Unclean Vermin’ - See more at:

Rioting, looting, flipping cars over, blocking freeways... these are all acceptable Liberal behaviors ~@guntotingkafir

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#BLACKlivesmatter - urgently and without derailing from the reasons Human rights ambassadors change the world, become on at

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