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though i agree with this, i think the real problem stems from corporate greed (they can "afford" to pay their workers more but don't b/c they do not have to). why? b/c they have collectively procured the government in order to keep the minimum wage static and ensure that they continue to astronomically profit while workers earn poverty level wages. it is reflective of a system of oligarchy not democracy.

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True....but the American people still have the power to keep this Putin backed oligarch and his cabinet from destroying our democracy.....

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Corporate Greed IS NOT Freedom!

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I Love My Country and Care Deeply about Our Values, Decency and Human Rights....Therefore I AM AGAINST TRUMP AND HIS BIGOTED REGIME. I'm one of 65,844,610 Million "TRUE AMERICANS!!"

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America ~ Must Take A STRONG Stand on Racism,Bigotry, Hate

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(193) Twitter

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I have to admit as much as I like Hillary she did have her problems but it still took a hell of a lot for the right to beat her & they still lost the popular vote.

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All the things they were so sure were going to happen under President Obama

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