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Sir Robert Menzies - 12th Prime Minister of Australia serving a total of 18 years, he was Australia's longest serving Prime Minister.

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Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia

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Margaret Battye (9 August 1909 – 16 November 1949) was a Western Australian lawyer who became influential in politics, business, and the legal advancement of women. Battye was the first woman to represent a client and begin a legal practice in Western Australia, and she held a number of roles in the early history of the state's division of the Liberal Party of Australia.

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Margaret Battye -first woman to represent a client and begin a legal practice in Western Australian an she held a number of roles in the history of state 's division of the liberal party of Australia

Liberal J.J. - But not a LIBERAL politically in Australia as this is the name of the Conservative Party ! Go figure- they really need a name change !

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Gary Humphries was a member of the Australian Senate representing the Australian Capital Territory for the Liberal Party of Australia 2003-13. He was the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory from 2000 to 2001; and was elected to the first parliament of the Australian Capital Territory, in 1989, later representing the Molonglo electorate until 2003.

The Meatball - great restaurant for casual dining. Specialty: meatballs. Three locations in NYC - Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, & Chelsea.

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Bro. Sir Hubert Ferdinand Opperman OBE (29 May 1904 - 24 April 1996), was an Australian cyclist and politician, whose endurance cycling feats in the 1920s and 1930s earned him international acclaim. Hubert Opperman rode a bicycle from the age of eight, when he was a Post Office messenger, until his 90th birthday. After the war Opperman joined the Liberal Party of Australia and in 1949 was elected to the Parliament of Australia. He served in parliament for 17 years.

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Yeah, whatever. Maybe some liberals are truly concerned about others, but mostly libs just want to control others. They think they know what's best for everyone, and that anyone who disagrees with them is racist, greedy and mean, and if it wasn't for them insisting the gov't take from the some to give to others, the little children would starve in the streets. They refuse to acknowledge their very own policies have expanded poverty, not cured it.

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Scott Morrison MP threatens to stop Australia Day citizenship ceremonies by local Council for not reading govt propaganda they are not required to read out!. Petty, vindictive Liberal Party of Australia THUG!