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Liberal Party Platform


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I wonder if this is what Teabaggers and Kochsuckers mean when they say they want "their" country back? Somehow, I don't think so…

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Vicious Babushka on

Remember when this liberal Republican was President and corporations paid taxes . He also reigned in Defense Spending...His 1956 platform was like todays Democratic platform... see how far Republicans have drifted to the right of sanity and reality by serving only the 1% and religious fanatics !

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Good-bye Cable TV!

Mainstream media - propaganda machine for Obama. Do you like being manipulated?

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Christianity is based on the teachings of CHRIST, not the ramblings of the GOP, who follow NONE of His teachings. In fact, the most Christ-like person in the political arena today is Senator Bernie Sanders, a Jew. Sanders has said that his religion is based on kindness & compassion. The exact opposite of the GOP. Family values are really corporate take-over. But once again America was fleeced by their big budget campaign full of lies & deceit. Progressives had better UNITE 4 the fight!

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Progressive ex-democrats should vote for Jill Stein and rational ex-republicans should vote for Gary Johnson. They have no real chance but we need to show the corrupt party establishment that 3rd party candidates ARE a viable option and must be included in the debates & ballots in all 50 states! You don't have to settle for a Neo-Fascist or a Neo-Liberal!

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Rachel Maddow Smart, funny, and real. Rachel Anne Maddow is an American television host, political commentator, and author. She hosts a nightly television show, The Rachel Maddow Show, on MSNBC. Her syndicated talk radio program of the same name aired on Air America Radio. Dr. Maddow, a Rhodes scholar and graduate of Stanford and Oxford Universities Favorite Quote: "I'm undoubtedly a liberal, which means that I'm in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform."

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Caroline Kennedy Is Big in Japan

Less than a year after Senate confirmation of Caroline Kennedy, rising tensions between Japan and China have made her job one of the most important on the planet. Last November, the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy rode in an ornate, horse-drawn carriage through the heart of Tokyo to Japan’s Imperial Palace. The new United States Ambassador to Japan, as dictated by tradition, presented her credentials to Emperor Akihito, Japan’s reigning monarch. (The previous day, she had…

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