“I am SUN SIGN, but my emotions are rather MOON SIGN. I think in a MERCURY SIGN way, but express my energy in a MARS SIGN way. In love, I seek VENUS SIGN. I take on the role of RISING SIGN.”Replace the placements with the corresponding words and see what you’ve got! You can find all your signs here: http://cafeastrology.com/freebirthchart.html

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Those born under the Libra zodiac sign crave balance, and the Moon in Libra means they will do whatever is necessary to maintain it. The Moon represents your creativity and emotions. For Librans that involves finding peace and harmony. As social people, this often means finding a lifelong partner.

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♎ Pluto In Libra - Sun Signs Yep, but most people are too distracted or selfish to pay attention, research it or change themselves to become the examples the world NEEDS!!!

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moon influences. #Zodiac #Astrology For related posts, please check out my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TheZodiacZone

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Sun Sign, Rising Sign, Moon Sign, Mars Sign, Venus Sign, Mercury Sign | #astrology

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OMG, Yuss I tell the kids I babysit the truth and they say " you're lying because your smiling "

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#risingsign explained - I see it also as the vehicle you drive your sun sign in for your road/journey which is all the signs of your chart

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