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99.6 percent of lice tested in the US and Canada had developed gene mutations, making them resistant to common over-the-counter lice shampoos.


If you have school-age children, you know how bad and frequent cases of head lice occur. An effective way of preventing your child from getting them is to add about 10-12 drops of tea tree oil to the bottle of shampoo or squirting shampoo into your palm and adding a few drops directly to it. IF your child DOES come into contact with lice, massaging tea tree or coconut oil into hair every day will help in killing the eggs.


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So I don't know if my parent friends have heard, but there is apparently a lice epidemic in schools this year with a new breed of them dubbed "super lice" and they are supposed to be resistant to OTC lice shampoos. I found out that tea tree oil is a good natural repellent for them. Walmart sells this shampoo for about $7. My mom has used it on Becca and she never got them, so it most be good! Pass along if you have friends with kids cause as all parents know, lice are a pain in the butt to…