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Which Greek God Are You?

Greek and Roman religion have very similar qualities. Both religions are polytheistic and even share the same Gods. Mall amounts of sacrifice and needed to get in contact with Gods to ask them a favor. Gods are often included in many Greek and Roman legends that tell great life lessons and not to go against the Gods. Roman Gods are a bit more barbarous then Greek a Gods and and are upstaged in powers and their aspects due to Rome having a different intake from the gods then the Greeks.


Spinach Greek Yogurt Dip

This lightened up Spinach Greek Yogurt Dip is ready in 10 minutes and full of fresh flavors! Serve with veggies for a naturally gluten free snack anytime.


Greek turkey burgers


130 Calorie Greek Yogurt Lemon Bars

Creamy and tangy lemon bars made with Greek yogurt-- only 130 calories! Easy recipe on


How to Visit the Greek Islands on a Budget (2016 Edition)

THE BUDGET GUIDE TO THE GREEK ISLANDS Learn how you can save a ton of money on your next trip to the Greek Islands. Everyone wants to visit the Greek Islands at some point in their lives, right? Many people are under the impression that it’s both difficult and expensive to visit the Greek islands. Truth is, it's neither. Right now is the best time to visit the Greece... SHARE & REPIN IF YOU FIND THIS HELPFUL!


Traditional House On Greek Island by Zege

♥ A house in Tinos Greece I've never seen a house of such beauty in my life! Check out the whole site with more pictures of the same house. It's to die for


GREECE CHANNEL | Kore statue. The kore is a type of Archaic Greek statue. They may represent a goddess, such as Persephone, priestesses or votaries of a goddess, or generic style of maiden votive, dedicated to a deity. The kore and kouros are illustrations of the Archaic Greeks moving towards realism in art; they are lifelike but highly stylized.


Greek Alphabet Chart

The capital letters of the modern greek alphabet is almost the same as lonic alphabet. Lower case letters came to be in after 800 AD. People would usually write horizontal lines and write, right to left. In 500 bc changed the direction of writing to horizontal lines from left to right.