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BENEFICIARY: A person who is eligible to receive distributions from a trust, retirement account, will or life insurance policy. Explore more: #Beneficiary #Insuranceglossary

“The last thing any new widow wants to hear is that she isn't named as the beneficiary on a life insurance policy or that her spouse's money is otherwise tied up.” Communicate, communicate, and communicate. Plus, have important discussions now to ease those difficult situations in the future.


Life Insurance Beneficiary Rules

While the concept of a life insurance beneficiary is simple, a number of situations and scenarios could create confusion and threaten the policy owner's wishes. Understanding the different types of beneficiaries and how to properly designate each one will ensure your beneficiaries get exactly what you had planned.

You must name a beneficiary when applying for life insurance. This will be the person who receives the death benefit if you die; typically your spouse and/or your children...Not Farmer Brown! You can also change this named person at any time. Call or message me for your life quote. Your Shield of Security for over 120 years -

Know About The Whole Life Insurance Quotes - Know About The Whole Life Insurance Quotes: The permanent or whole life insurance is considered as a financial security or lifetime benefit for the beneficiary or the client. Few factors are needed to be considered while you are going to know about the life insurance for the seniors. You need to...

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What Is a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

What Is a Life Insurance Beneficiary? Your pet? Your child? What about someone in prison? Who actually qualifies? Read more to find out:

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Choosing who will be the beneficiary of your life insurance policy seems fairly simple. However there are 5 common mistakes people make with their life insurance beneficiary designations. These mistakes could be expensive and could mean that your life insurance proceeds go to the wrong person.