In London and Berlin-based Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum's sculptural work titled "Hot Spot", we are presented with a massive cage-like metallic globe radiating a crimson glow. In terms of global politics and news, a "hot spot" generally refers to an area of conflict. Hatoum's piece highlights every land mass by outlining it in a neon red light that fills the room with an overwhelming scarlet hue. The structure seems to suggest that these neon contoured areas are the "hot spots" of the…

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places you've been individually, as a couple + people who have touched your heart from around the world

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CHANDELIER :: Easy DIY "Fairy Light Ball" :: Made from a couple of plant baskets & Christmas lights! She used zip ties & silver spray paint.

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As many of you know from reading my previous posts, I am not a garden girl. I love the idea of growing things and making my yard beautiful with tons of flowers,…

Hudson Valley Lighting Coolidge 1 Light Globe Pendant Size: 21" H x 10" W, Finish: Old Bronze

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