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Zodiac animal sign:Lion Day of Week Born: Tuesday Ruling Planet: Mars Ruling Direction: Southeast Personality/Attributes of the Lion:You are a crusader, a natural leader, and a noble person. You hold yourself with dignity and honor. You can be strong-willed and opinionated, but you are usually correct in your estimations.

33 Fascinating Photos Youve Probably Never Seen Before

A link to a simply majestic photo. ~ ~ ~ Portrait of a King

I would kill to be a photographer who could take pictures like these and have the means to be as good as National Geographics.

"Roar," he said politely, but with dignity, magnanimity, and the scars of one who has lead.

Look at mom's face in the first picture! She calls for help and all the other moms come running!

Lion by Ander Aguirre.../ new thought..time is showing on this facinating animals face...and it is beauty and wear...hope his travels are and were good.

Joseph by Big Cat Rescue (This is amazing, I thought it was a photo at first!)

I am dangerous like a lion on the prowl. There is nothing more to lose so I will love out loud. I will live by a faith that tosses to the wind every notion that can’t be done until you reach your end. Have you seen the dancer who moves the earth with grace? Have you seen the love I share written on my face? Jon Freeman

.when you are King-there is always a new competator. To have lived long enough to be considered old is quite a feat! Gorgeous and so sad-his days are numbered.G.

Jamais je ne me suis demandée pourquoi c'était le lion le roi des animaux. C'est plutôt évident, non?

Keep YOUR senses, be watchful. YOUR adversary, the Devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour [someone]. -1 Peter 5:8

"I can roar" he grinned, rolling his shoulders. "Oh can you now" I laughed, glancing at his lion tattoo, much like Lucius'. "You think you're special? The only Cherokee? It's looked down upon in any tribe, I was disowned. But i got an amazing gift, and Im proud to be a BonusVictus, you should too>" W'what's yo gift___?" He took a step back, then he started to change...

Here’s Griffith lying in bed with him in May 1971. | These Photos Of A Teenage Melanie Griffith And Her Pet Lion In The 1970s Are Quite Something

Nick Brandt: African wildlife photography -beautiful...

Awesome Click. Love lions! God was showing off when he made lions!

Duke & Sons Leather inspiration : Photo

There are so many beautiful photos of Lions! This one I love!

23 Photos Of Animals And Their Parents That Will Melt Your Heart. The Otters Are TOO MUCH - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing