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Natural lip plumper using peppermint essential oil!! First I use a dry toothbrush to brush my lips to get the blood flowing, then I use 1 drop of peppermint essential oil per teaspoon of petroleum jelly. I usually use an old eye cream container and mix 5-6 drops with 5-6 teaspoons so I can reuse over and over! Apply it right after for some lushes lips!

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The Highest Ranked Lip Plumper Right Now

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Beauty: 5 quick makeup tricks for busy nurses

Lip Plumper.

Lip Plumper

revolutionary lip treatment, containing natural ingredients to enhance lips. Apply frequently to see best results.

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Lip Plumper

Lip Plumper on Carousell

"Hot Lips" Lip Plumper!

"Hot Lips" Lip Plumper

How to get long lasting plump and rosy lips

Lip plumper container


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