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Bay leaves improve glucose and lipid profile of people with type 2 diabetes. - PubMed - NCBI


How Much Niacin to Lower LDL Cholesterol?

An active compound in the B vitamin niacin is a powerful cholesterol-lowering agent. Your doctor may prescribe nicotinic acid to improve your total blood lipid profile, meaning it can affect both forms of cholesterol and your triglyceride levels. It bears repeating that the form of niacin used to treat cholesterol comes from your doctor, and not...

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Can Cinnamon Help You Lose Weight?

Warm, sweet cinnamon can do so much more than just spice up your apple pie or stew. If you’re struggling with weight loss compounded by a diabetes problem or insulin sensitivity or have been told you have metabolic syndrome, cinnamon can be a godsend. While reports hailing it as a weight-loss wonder are aplenty, its true power may lie in how it improves your lipid profile and insulin sensitivity.


tortilla filled with vegetables and cottage cheese🌮 ▶️carbs: tortilla ▶️protein: cottage cheese ▶️vegetables: onion, leek, salad, bell peper, champignons, zucchini ❗️take 3 handful of vegetables a day; to get lots of vitamins and minerals take different colours; veggies spend you fibers-> if it is possible eat vegetables (and fruits) with their skin❗️ ☀️function of fibers: positive effect on digestion, blood glucose level, blood lipid profile, satiating effect on appetite #mealsfitness…