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All of my bullshit truths. @j.r.rogue Instagram photos

This is my favorite thing. Ik I say that a lot but this one tops them all. Love this with 200% of my heart


How true this is for me @bettylarrea From the first words to the last and the ones that will surface in the silence. These words are from my journal written 2 days after we met. I knew then like I know now that what I want is someone who can BE with all of me all that I am learning to embrace to love in myself and I know that I shall HAVE it. I think you deserve to know before you even kiss me that I feel oh so deeply that poetry runs through my veins that you will become my muse that once…

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Baggage Claim (2013)

" you seem desperate, " he chuckled " and very funny." " SHUT up, will you? " Jason muttered.

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Erzulie's Voodoo Shop

From my lips to God's ear...may this be true for all of us hahaha! Have a beautiful day folks! #love, #living, #wine!


I want nothing more than to align my body with yours. lips to lips, scars to scars, pulse to pulse, .. just let me. ~ j.r.rogue