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Subliming 4-amino-4H-1,2,4-triazole. It is quite interesting that a molecule with that much nitrogen in it does not decompose at even 160 °C, it only sublimes a bit. Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.

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Rivers of Liquid Nitrogen May Have Once Flowed on Pluto

New research presented today at the 2016 Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference reveals tropic and arctic regions on Pluto, and a dynamic climate cycle that’s causing its atmosphere to fluctuate in size over time—possibly allowing for lakes and rivers of liquid nitrogen to form at the surface.

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5 Simple Steps to Make Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: It's super easy to make liquid nitrogen ice cream by pouring nitrogen over ingredients in a mixer.


Liquid Nitrogen on a swimming pool - YouTube It will be too hot to make the "grecian bathhouse" aka the pool steam-y by turning on the nat gas heater on the pool, but liquid nitrogen or dry ice might be an option...

Giant Koosh Ball in Liquid Nitrogen! (Obviously can't recreate at home, but gives good reasons/thoughts about experiments.)

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Can You Drink Liquid Nitrogen?

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No Liquid Nitrogen? Make This Instead

Real liquid nitrogen is nontoxic and vaporizes upon contact with skin. - Cory Doctorow