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Liquor GIFT basket / fundraiser ideas. I used small Jose Cuervo tequila in tall Margarita glasses & different flavors of Margarita flavors. Wrapped in clear gift bag. Use lemon lime colors and a gold bow on top. So cute!

from Her Campus

21 Present Ideas for Your BFF’s 21st Birthday

Easy birthday cake, or add a star to the top and make it a Christmas tree....coke and Jack Daniels..........OMG @Alex Leichtman Blomquist this will someday be yours! If only I hadn't already bought your gifts!


Whisky & Chocolate Bouquet (Liquor Bouquet). Hot glue beads around rim of bowl. Put florist foam in bowl and place candy around foam to cover sides. Hot glue liquor bottles onto wood skewers (so body of bottle is supported by skewer but neck is not). Stick them in the foam to make a bouquet--3 Jack in back, 3 crown in middle, 2 Jack in front. Stick stir sticks in between. Glue umbrella onto middle bottle in back. Place curly ribbon over top of foam to cover it. #liquorbouquet