Fernand Fonssagrives, Lisa Fonssagrives Mexican Extravaganza, 1949

by Irving Penn: The Woman with Roses on Her Arm (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn) 1950,

La Plage de Cabasson 1936. Lisa Fonssagrives photographed by husband Fernand Fonssagrives.

Light & shadow play on a lovely face. Lisa Fonssagrives, c1950 (Fernand Fonssagrives)

Lisa Fonssagrives stars in a 1952 Vogue spread “Spice Pinks to Summer In,” photographed by Richard Rutledge.

British Vogue, September 1951. Model: Lisa Fonssagrives.

Irving Pen, Lisa Fonssagrives wearing a diagonal scarf gray suit by Christian Dior, Vogue October, 1950

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Lisa Fonssagrives Photo by Andre Steiner, 1939

maliciousglamour: Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, 1951 Photographer: Horst P. Horst Dress by Hattie Carnegie

theniftyfifties: Lisa Fonssagrives wearing a Balenciaga barrel line coat, 1950.  Photo by Irving Penn. #EasyNip

Marrakech, Irving Penn / Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn

Fernand Fonssagrives | Le Truite, 1935 | underwater | swim | nude | freedom | free | black & white | www.republicofyou...

Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, February Vogue © Irving Penn, 1950

Lisa Fonssagrives photographed by Irving Penn for Vogue, April 1952.

"Sand Fence"-1930's..Lisa Fonssagrives, considered to be the world's first 'super model'..Photo by Irving Penn..


Lisa Fonssagrives in a dress by Sophie Gimbel, photo by Horst. Vogue, 1940.