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A brief list of charities that accept knitted/crocheted donations. (They did forget Knit Your Bit and The Red Scarf Project...)


Look To The Stars - The World of Celebrity Giving United Way has received support from the following celebrities: Al Pacino Britney Spears Courteney Cox Darren Sharper Erik Estrada Eva Longoria George Clooney Jason Alexander Jennie Garth Kathy Griffin Marcia Cross Roman Harper Samantha Harris Sam Waterston Terri Nunn

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Charities That Give Books and Promote Literacy

Charities That Give Books to Children and Promote Literacy - What Do We Do All Day?

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Natural Foods Containing Acetylcholine

Foods high in ach acetylcholine. Link to alzheimer's. Runs in my family

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What Low-Carb Food Can I Make Ahead & Freeze?

Make ahead low carb meals


Crochet For Charity - Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) - list of charities for crochet and/or knit items.

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List of Charities for the Blind

Charities committed to helping the blind offer assistance through a variety of methods. Some charities focus on prevention and treatment, while other charities work with impoverished nations and ...