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Want to create the perfect pricing point for your handmade items? I will break down everything when it comes to pricing your handmade items and a free workbook is included!

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Here at EcoEsty we’ve written a plethora of posts to help you improve your Etsy shop and over time it has become clear that we all seem to struggle with one similar task – Etsy SEO. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks that I’ve which have helped me tweak my shop and increase my …

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10 Questions Your Etsy Photos and Descriptions Must Answer! Detailed "how to" post packs in plenty of examples to help your next Etsy listing stand out!

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How To Take Your Etsy Listing’s Photos Like A Pro

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15 Easy Tips You Can Use Today to Take eBay & Etsy Pictures That Sell Your Items

Photography could make or break a sale on eBay. Knowing how to take really good pictures is very important for an online business. Enjoy this eBay selling tip!

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How to Find Etsy Tags that Sell Like Hotcakes

Alright. Raise your hand if you have no freakin’ clue what SEO is or how to use it. Today we're going to to find the perfect Etsy tags for your shop!

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Grow Your Traffic With 6 Etsy Photography Tips

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10 Things Every Etsy Shop Owner Should Have - Competition has made it extremely difficult to receive listing views and exposure of your products. Read how you can take control over how you market and grow your business. Pin it.

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Ebay Products Listing Sheet | 2 Versions Evernote & Dropbox, Ebay Seller, Form, Listing Template, Ebay Template, Seller Tools, PDF Printable

New to PaperlyPeople on Etsy: Ebay Products Listing Sheet | 2 Versions Evernote & Dropbox Ebay Seller Form Listing Template Ebay Template Seller Tools PDF Printable (3.50 USD)

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One Etsy SEO Tip (That May Be Costing You Sales!)

One Etsy SEO Tip That May Be Costing You Sales I know that when you opened your Etsy shop there was so much to do! Not only did you have to make your products, and then photograph them, edit those photographs, list each product, come up with creative titles, tags and descriptions, but you also ... Read more...Continue Reading...

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