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Lit Motors

This electric bike from Lit Motors would be the coolest way to get around the city. Great design and low environmental impact.


Kubo electric scooter is a unique, fun scooter to ride around the city. The hollow body reminds us to Stinger and Cargo, well, great minds think alike.


The Bugatti Veyron was first mentioned at the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show and the car was green lit for production in 2001 with the first car coming off the product line in 2005. The Bugatti Veyron is available in coupe and roadster versions and holds the world record as the fastest production car with a top speed of in excess of 400km/h. The Bugatti Vernon is powered by an 8 litre 16 cylinder quad turbo charged engine... FULL ARTICLE…

from TechCrunch

Lit Motors Will Shake Up The Electric Vehicle

This new 2-wheeled, 2-passenger electric car is gyroscopically balanced, can drive 65 MPH, and costs only 1 dollar to drive 200 miles! #NewTechTuesday