Literary fiction

Literary fiction writers tend to avoid plot. We’re trained to be plot snobs, focused only on character development and description and point-of-view amongst other things. But your story can’t be plotless. Plot is tension, plot is drama, plot IS story. So we must learn to fuse plot and character seamlessly. Learn how in 4 steps and use your FREE worksheets to get started with your story.

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This map is both a snapshot of London's literary history and beautiful in its own right.

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Reading literary fiction improves 'mind-reading' skills

New Book Fanfare – Exile’s Gamble : The Chronicles of Shadows: Book Two by Lee Dunning | Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

Ray Bradbury’s most famous novel and one of the most important books of the 20th century has been analyzed several times already.…

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This is the cake! Library cake. Will do all the book spines well in advance, then just stick them on at the last minute.

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WSIRN Ep 19: Great literary fiction, inspirational favorites, and high school English with Brian Sztabnik. – Modern Mrs. Darcy

A way to organize your literature curriculum: Genres.... "Knowledge of different genres gives students useful schemata-frameworks for understanding born of prior knowledge and experience-for story types" (Lynch-Brown, Short, & Tomlinson, p. 247).

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