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Cat litter box: Get a plastic container and cut a hole in the front. Make sure the box is a little bigger than the litter container itself so that it can trap the litter inside the box. Put a foam mat at the bottom, a few hooks on the side for items such as the scooper and attach a motion light to the back. Thats it! The smell and the litter will stay trapped in the box and you will have everything you need in one spot!


Essential oils to help with litter box smells or carpet powder. No chemicals, so it's safe for you and pets too!

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5 Ways to Keep Your House from Smelling Like a Litter Box

Everything about sharing our lives with cats is wonderful, well, except maybe just one thing. The cat litter box - that one thing about cat parenthood that we all have to deal with, but wish we didn't!...

DIY idea: fan vented cat litter box--this is hardcore. NOte : une litière bien nettoyée sentira très peu !


Reduce litter box smells by pouring white vinegar in the bottom of the empty litter tray between litter changes. Let sit for 20 minutes before emptying and allowing to dry, then add new litter

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27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box

Another kitty, another IKEA hack | 27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box