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The Little Prince Quote Original Watercolor Painting Typographic Print Nursery Art Nursery Print Watercolor Art Black White Nursery Decor


harmonyofyinandyang:… Without connection, experiences are empty… The flow needs to be fostered, maintained, fed… the gift… love… Give sustenance, cultivate, the core, soul… the vessel, body…  When you find what gives life, understand, you’ve touched heaven… take nothing for granted… touch the devine… daily…~ Harmony Oh. These words.~~

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Of Course I'll Hurt You - The Little Prince Quote - Antoine - Exupery - De Saint - Little Prince - Little Prince Poster - Chalkboard Art

Healthy couples can hurt one another without any intention to do so. But the couple who seeks to work through it by accepting responsibility for their actions, not blaming anyone, and apologizing or making sincere amends. If you are stuck with a narcissist, good luck. They do the opposite of what emotionally stable people do. Creating needless drama is their favorite hobby.

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Even after 70 years, The Little Prince teaches us…

"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know." - Little Prince


Even after 70 years, The Little Prince teaches us…