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(From left to right) Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, and Guan Yu are the three great warriors of the Shu Han Dynasty from the historical Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


[303TOYS 1/6 China Series No. 308 - Liu Bei(유비)]

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Lucy Liu

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Liu Bei (Dynasty Warriors 6) This was my favorite character to play as in Dynasty Warriors.


GuanYu.was a general serving under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han Dynasty of China.

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Liu Bei warrior tattoo

Liu Bei warrior tattoo except for the hand./ ??/


Guo Tu: When Yuan Shao was considering attacking Cao Cao, Guo Tu argued that they should ally with Liu Bei to attack, and that they must have good reason to attack. Later, after Guan Yu has killed Wen Chou, Guo Tu and Shen Pei advise Yuan Shao to execute Liu Bei, which Liu Bei evades. When Liu Bei persuades Yuan Shao to allow him to try to get help from Liu Biao, and Jian Yong persuades Yuan Shao to allow him to watch Liu Bei and make sure that he does what he was been ordered to, Guo Tu…