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Vallisneria Spiralis, Italian Vals, tall background plant do well in just about all water types and lighting, from soft to hard and low light to high light. With Vallisneria Spiralis you can cut the leaves to any size without damaging the plant which makes them great for small, large, tall, and short tanks. Family: Hydrocharitaceae Region: Asia Growth Rate: Fast Light Needs: Low to Moderate You are buying 3 rooted plants. picture shows a total of 6 plants..are 16" tall


Share with others...51125300There are many reasons why you should have live plants in your fish tank. They look great, your betta fish will love them and they help keep water conditions optimal. We will go through what live plants you should put in your betta fish tank. 5 examples all chosen as they aren’t hard work and will grow and flourish in the optimal betta fish tank conditions. 76-80 degreesF. What Live Plants Should I Put In My Betta Tank? Anacharis The perfect live plant for a…

Find the right plants for a cute DIY Betta Fishy playland with our simple guide inside! <3

Find the right plants for a cute DIY Betta Fishy playland with our simple guide inside! <3


Carpet aquarium plants - Many aquarium plants you can plant in your aquarium. Especially valuable are carpet aquarium plants. Very popular carpet aquarium plants are: Glossostigma, Lilaeopsis, Eleocharis, Hemianthus and Micranthemum


Guide: How To Control Algae In Fish Tank

If you are new to keeping live plants here are 6 of the easiest to care for, fast growing plants that can help control algae.


Ivory White Mystery Snail - (Algae eater and safe for fish, live aquarium plants, and shrimp)


Live Plant Tips

The benefits of live aquarium plants over artificial in an aquarium are numerous. They are closer to the animals' natural environments, are less likely to harm the fish, can lower nutrients in the aquarium over time, provide grazing and breeding grounds, and are visually more dynamic than plastic plants or silk plants.


This is blasphemy I hear you say. Hold on, let me show my case on why aquarium plastic plants can be better than live plants here in this very blog post.