Words to live by .Surround yourself with people who bring out positive, uplifting and are encourage you to strive to reach goals that you may have set for yourself or your family. #Good vibes,Good times and always tons of laughter ... to feed the soul <3 <3

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When someone walks away after you stand up for yourself, and you don't hear from them for days or weeks. That is not normal. In fact, it's abuse. It's emotional neglect, they obviously don't generally care for you... Please understand that's not real love at all… you're not a door mat to be walked on, your a friend, partner or spouse & deserve better treatment.

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I never asked to compete. I was perfectly happy just doing my life, by myself. You turned us into a competition. I hope you read this and know it's for you. I'm done. Compete with someone else. I'm not doing it anymore.

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"Seriously...try it. 1. Gratitude is one of the key ingredients to living a positive life. No matter what's going on in your life, there is always something for which you can be thankful. Find it. Acknowledge it. Start your day on the high note and let it lead you further. 2. What's your focus for the day? How can you be the best version of yourself? What's one thing you can do to be a better partner...friend...parent? Challenge yourself for the day. 3. Remember to breathe. Sounds simple…

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Live your life for yourself! Worrying what others think is the path to failure!

Absolutely needed this today....when one is trying their damn hardest in all aspects & giving everything they got & still get nothing back-when everybody passes me by-again...while I'm still trying to get a handle on my foundations...makes you question oneself.

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I don't cater to bullshit. Friends, family, coworkers, complete strangers, doesn't matter. Own your shit or stay away from me

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Focus on yourself. Don't let your world revolve around someone else, because people are temporary. Do your own thing. have your own likes. Don't do things for them. Do things for you. Don't stick around waiting for them. Don't give up your all for them because I guarantee you they will leave. Please. Live for yourself"

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