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2017 New Years Resolution. Know the difference between truth and marketing. eggs are not cruelty free not only are male chicks ground alive after birth - hens endure abysmal living conditions, untreated injuries, and sometimes cannibalism, as the cramped animals are so stressed and panicked they often attack each other make 2017 the year you empower yourself to reduce suffering, whenever and however you can. ❤️ #vegan

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The best time for new beginnings.

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Or how my mom and me drank tea the last days of her life without her touching it but it was the smell and the idea of drinking it together, that made her feel at peace. x

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Monday Motivation: 5 Inspiring Quotes That I found on Pinterest from Tony Yeung Toronto Social Media Marketing Specialist

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Daily Devotional -Focus on your Haves not your Have-nots:

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Positive Quote: Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you' ve always imagined.

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Discover four powerful ways you can revive your soul through the Word of God!

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