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A small breakfast bowl of live yoghurt mixed with fresh berries and flaxseeds is a great way to start the day. Containing probiotic (good) bacteria such as acidophilus, live yoghurt can help to promote digestion, boost immunity, regulate bowel movements and ease any imbalances between good and bad bacteria in the gut, whilst prebiotic flax seeds add essential fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6, vitamins E, B3 and minerals to your diet which are believed to assist in improving blood/glucose…

1 Why Live Yoghurt is So Good

Yoghurt It's the live, low-fat, natural kind of yoghurt we're after. Not only is live yoghurt a rich source of anti-ageing vitamin A, protein and calcium, but it also contains cultures that can help your digestive system to absorb all these wrinkle-preventing nutrients more effectively. Team with berries and Brazil nuts for even more anti-ageing power.

from Global Food Book

Plantain Porridge

It looks pretty mean but is surprisingly delicious. Made of orange juice, a ripe banana, a slice of pineapple, some plain live yoghurt and Spirulina which makes it so deeply green.

from The Independent

Dietary experts are now urging people to 'stop counting calories'

Many with digestive issues avoid dairy, but live yoghurt may be worth a shot, as it is full of gut-friendly bacteria. Because the lactose in live yoghurt is effectively broken down, it is gentler on the system than milk.

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