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The cuddle fish coelacanth was thought to have died out during the Cretaceous period but has been occasionally sighted since the early 20th century. It grows to be about 6 feet. This species is considered critically endangered.

Incredibly rare frilled shark prefers to live at 5,000 ft or more depths. 546557_436776613013330_1945372798_n

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Dongba paper made by people of China's Naxi ethnic group is known as a "living fossil", with a history of over 1,200 years. It is a rare kind of handmade paper once used by Naxi priests to record the group's religion and life. Dongba means "wise ones", referring to the priests. It's said that the paper can survive a thousand years. Click this video to find out how this marvelous paper is made.

The Nautilus: A Living fossil of the seas

The Nautilus: A Living fossil of the Seas. Found in abundance in prehistoric times, the nautilus’ numbers have dwindled and only a handful of species remain today.

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Dongba paper of China's Naxi ethnic group is known as a "living fossil", and legend says it lasts a thousand years. Let's see how it's made!

Living Fossil The earliest horseshoe crabs were found 450 million years ago as fossils in strata. Many think of them as crabs and crustaceans when in fact they are more related to spiders and scorpions. Under their enormous shell, their bodies also look more like those of spiders.

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A living fossil at Tehran Zoo