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Forensic Friday!!!!!! Livor Mortis!!!!! So when you die certain things happen to your body one of these things is called livor mortis or lividity. When you are alive there is blood pumping through your blood vessels then you die and your heart stops. The blood stops moving through the vessels and it begins to settle. Because of gravity the blood will settle to dependent areas of the body or where the body was laying after death. In a hospital it's easy- everyone dies laying in a hospital bed…

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Patterned livor mortis. Since livor mortis can be cleared with pressure, objects pressing against the skin when livor forms can cause a pattern. This individual was lying on an “egg crate” foam mattress. The foam tips of the mattress touched the skin...

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Livor Mortis Definition Of Livor Mortis By Medical – Search ...

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Lividity, or livor mortis, represents the postmortem settling of blood within the dependent skin, due to gravitational forces. Note that areas of skin exposed to pressure do not develop lividity.

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