PlayStation Network Hacked 'By Lizard Squad'... Booth girls line up in front of a Sony Computer Entertainment's booth during the Tokyo Games Show in Chiba

Nuova minaccia dei Lizard Squad : "A Natale chiuderemo Xbox Live per sempre"

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Lizard Squad pirate Malaysia Airlines et fait preuve d'un humour douteux

Lizard Squad launches DDoS tool that lets anyone take down online services, starting at $6 per month | VentureBeat | Security | by Emil Protalinski

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Nachdem ein Mitglied der Scriptkiddie-Gruppe Lizard Squad zu einer Bewährungsstrafe verurteilt wurde, ließ John Smedley, CEO der Daybreak Game Company seinem Unmut freien Lauf. Lizard Squad startete daraufhin einen Angriff auf die Game-Server.

Why PSN went down: Lizard Squad's capabilities 'far exceed typical ...

As you may have heard the hacker group “Lizard Squad” has claimed responsibility for the hack of Sony and PlayStation’s online gaming services that shut down on Christmas Day and were still down until some minutes ago from writing this article (12:40 p.m CST) Xbox Live …

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