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Cost Analysis of Baking vs. Buying Bread

Estimates the cost of baking a homemade loaf of bread = $1.50, versus 3 - 4 dollars from the store

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Getting Over the Fear: Prepping Out of the Panic

Getting Over the Fear: Prepping Out of the Panic. When a loaf of bread costs $3.00, yes I'm going to stock up on yeast & flour & make my own bread!


With just a few easy steps, you can transform a simple loaf of bread into amazing cheese pull-apart bread. Your friends will be amazed you made it yourself!

HOME MADE FRENCH TOAST STICKS My kids love French toast sticks; however, when only 18-22 come to a pack that equals only about 5-6 pieces of bread. If you think about it, who would pay $12+ for a loaf of bread!? Here's an easy way to get them at a fraction of the cost! 1loaf of bread 1doz eggs 1cup of milk 1tsp vanilla Cinnamon Nutmeg Sugar or Sweetener (I used truvia) 1) Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl 2) Coat the bread by flipping (not dunking because you will get complaints…

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66 Tried-and-Tested Tips For a Frugal Life

Make Your Own Bread: Making your own bread can save you a lot of money. A Redditor user says the cost of making this loaf of bread is less than $1. POPSUGAR Food has plenty of bread recipes for any level of baker.


~Back to the Basics with Bread~

For the past couple of months, I have been trying to find the P-E-R-F-E-C-T sandwich bread recipe. With the rising cost of food in this neck of the woods, bread was on the list to be removed from my shopping list. Store bought bread in general for our family includes loaf bread and hamburger and …

Obama vacations have cost you $18 million — so far Yesterday I went to do some grocery shopping. My favorite loaf of bread is now close to $5.00. I left so depressed. Tell me Obama's does a $5.00 loaf of bread get under your skin?!!! They are a national disgrace.

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Free downloadable Recipe Cost Calculator spreadsheet

Guest post by Richelle at The Carolina Clipper We all know that cooking at home can save a significant amount of money. Because of this, I have a baking day once or twice a month to stock up on healthy muffins, pancakes and cookies. I recently got a bread maker and my curiosity increased. How much do these items really cost to make? Was it worth my time? How much is a homemade loaf of bread? So, I created a simple spreadsheet to calculate the cost. I was so pleased with the results!