Homemade compost bin my father made for me out of a 30 gallon plastic drum. (Recycled from a local car wash - it was a soap drum).

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I never seem to make the time to get my car washed. Usually when I drive by a local car wash place, I keep driving because I know I can get one more errand done with the time that I have. Now, the new Washe’ app allows you to get your car washed and cleaned …

Washing your car weekly can become difficult at times, but it is worth it. Cars that are sold that have been washed weekly, are sold for a higher amount because the paint and other equipment on the car are kept looking new. Not everyone has a power washer or hose at their house to wash their car. So driving down the street to your local car wash is a great alternative. Take some drying towels with you, because not every car wash provides drying towels.

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Gift baskets, bundles, and more for the young adult, pet and new home themes. http://shirleypando.blogspot.com/2014/11/gift-baskets-bundles-and-more-pet-young.html

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Curious George and his friend Allie have so much fun at the local car wash, they decided to build one of their own-for toy cars!. The young inventors assemble picnic tables, mops, tea strainers, and more until they recreate all the stages of the real car wash.

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ather Opens Wildly Successful Local Car Wash, Credits Growth To Unique Set Of Employees.

1967 Volkswagen Bus original vintage ad. Photographed in vivid color at the local car wash. Should you pay twice as much to get it washed?

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Surprise someone with quarters at your local car wash! Grab the FREE printable {decorate your own} random acts of kindness tags!

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