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Local Companies

from Eater San Diego

St. Archer Brewing Company Targets New Beer Audience

St. Archer Brewing Company 9550 Distrubution Ave. San Diego, CA 92121


Ethelred the Unready - King of England 978-1013 and 1014-1016. He was the son of King Edgar and his wife, Aelfthryth.


If you need any roof repairs, you should choose a local company. This is because local companies offer many incredible benefits. Choose a team that lives and works in your very own city. Get a great deal, excellent customer service and amazing, specialized repairs. Choose El Paso Roofing Co. today! #GoLocal #RoofRepairs #BenefitsOfGoingLocal | 915.245.0597

UW, local company building innovative deep-sea manned submarine | For the past 70 years, the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory has conducted ocean research and engineering. Now they are teaming up with a local submersible company to build an innovative five-person submarine that would travel to almost 2 miles below the ocean’s surface. When completed in 2016, it will be the first deep-sea manned submersible project for the UW.

from The College Investor

Investing Tip #185: Watch Local Companies for Growth

If you notice a local company growing and performing well then research further. If it appears to be on an upward growth trend consider investing.

from BuzzFeed

This Is The Best Local Company Commercial You'll Ever See

This Is The Best Local Company Commercial Youll Ever See