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Tice Davids, a runaway slave from Kentucky, was the inspiration for the first usage of the term “Underground Railroad.” When he swam across the Ohio River to freedom, his former owner assumed he’d drowned and told the local paper if Davids had escaped, he must have traveled on "an underground railroad." (Davids actually made it alive and well.)


The Argyle Sweater Comic Strip, October 18, 2014 on - My local paper didn't run this strip and ran the October 18, 2011 (with no copyright date) instead!


From Adam Smith via Traces of Texas. It shows three Rangers, as they would be dressed looking for Sam Bass. This is an etching from pg. 378 of "The Texas Rangers" by Walter Prescott Webb., published in 1930. It was also made into an engraving which was in local papers about the hunt for Sam Bass. Junius Travis Peak, the City Marshal of Dallas from 1874-78 and Captain of the Frontier Battalion of the Texas Rangers, is pictured on the right. He was charged with hunting Bass down.

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Portuguese Sweet Bread (Massa Sovada)

No where else can make a sweet bread loaf like my hometown of Fall River, MA. It is a traditional recipe that is known to be brought over from the immigrants of São Miguel. This bread is most popular at Easter, but enjoyed year round. I like to have mine for breakfast with a little butter added on it. But, it is also served for dessert. This recipe is adapted from my local paper for "Easter sweet bread". For the holidays, a boiled egg is placed in the center of the loaf. I remember as a…

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Cool Currency: 12 Beautiful Bills

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