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3 Easy DIY Cat Treat Recipes

Keep calm and snuggle with your kitty! Kitties show you their unconditional love every day because you are special to them, so why not return the favor by showing them your love with a few DIY cat treats? Making your own cat treats allows you to choose the ingredients that go into their food, which is purrrfect for those furry feline friends with diet restrictions. Keep reading to find some great recipes from eBay for kitty treats they will love and you'll feel great about giving them.


how to trim nails VERY IMPORTANT! Some suggie-parents have noticed that their gliders distrust them after clippings, so many opt to ask a vet or the local pet store to clip their nails instead. We take Milo and the kids to AAA Exotic Pets

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33 Stores That Don't Ask You To Leave Your Dog Outside While You Shop

Home Depot “Please choose the blue paint, it will look great when I step in it and walk all over the house!” - used to allow dogs in Canada but no more due to 1 incident.

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DIY Pet Silhouettes

If you’re handy with a saw, here’s a DIY tutorial for making a wooden silhouette of your pet.


15 Great Products to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, which makes it the perfect time to start a new dental hygiene routine with your dog. But if you have been to your local pet store, you may have been overwhelmed at the …

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57 Cool Container Gardening Ideas

To make a terrarium, choose a glass container with an opening wide enough for your hand. Gently add an inch or two of washed, fine gravel. Top gravel with a thin layer of activated aquarium carbon. (You’ll find both items at your local pet store.) Next, add moistened potting soil, and you’ll be ready to plant. Create a collection of plants, or showcase just one. Good choices include ferns, succulents, mosses, miniature moth orchids, African violets, and kalanchoes.