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Did you know that WM has home recycling kits to help you recycle products that may not be taken by your local recycling center? Box up & mail CFLs, battiers, and electronics with Think Green From Home recycling kits.

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Get Free Paint at Your Local Recycling Center

Need to paint the walls when moving out of an apartment? According to US News, you don't have to pay. Just head to your local recycling center.


Newspapers are the easiest way to get coupon inserts. But a fast trip to your local recycling center will score you many coupon inserts for FREE!


Sorting bottles as part of a volunteer activity at a local recycling center to help celebrate Tern's second birthday.

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Recycling center looking for woman who left rare $200,000 Apple I computer

A local recycling center is searching for a woman who dropped off an extremely rare Apple I computer, and left without providing her contact information.

State Guidelines | RecycleNation. I learned how much of a value recycling was to me when I had to search for recycling centers. Thankful that there were nearby options, including a national retailer that provides bins for recycling (and this I learned graciously from one of the operators at the local recycling center). Hopefully I will be able to click the links to each state, a great downtime project.

A tense chance encounter at a local recycling center leads to an instant friendship— which in turn leads to a bitter moment of reckoning. SWEEP is a compelling tale of fear, fatherhood, and racism. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written/Directed by Spencer Gillis - A 2.35 Production - Starring Luke Robertson, Tishuan Scott, Hubert P...

The local recycling center is called TEAM GREEN. This is where I recycle. My fiancé will sometimes forget to recycle and if I catch it in the trash, I dig it out, this is the reason my nickname is garbage picker. I try to reuse things for crafting. This year for Christmas I decided to recycle and reuse bottle caps from beer bottles to make snowman ornaments for our Christmas tree. Recycling makes the world a better place. #CastleInk


The Aldens are volunteering at the local recycling center, where they find plenty of things that can be reused, including a pinata that Benny takes home. But when the recycling center is vandalized, the Boxcar Children have a mystery to solve. Is there a treasure amidst the junk?

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Happy 2016

Happy 2016! Join me in ♻️ this year! I'll be participating by using a reusable water bottle, buying and selling previously loved items in Poshmark and reusing boxes for shipping! My local recycling center only takes plastic, aluminum and paper so I toss a ton of cardboard! Maybe some of the boxes I reuse will land in a town that recycles cardboard :) Happy New Year! Other