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((Create Your Own Stage Effects)) -- I worked on the stage crew for a local community theater and the old timers there had a bottomless inventory of quick and rough tricks for most stage effects. They would immediately say, here’s how to make a clouds move across the moon. Or get the sound of light rain on a roof. Or make a character fly, safely. At no cost. This book is chock full of a zillion little rough and ready, low-cost effects for local theater. And enough inspiration to create your…


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20 Ultimate Things to Do in Chicago

The Windy City, the City of the Broad Shoulders, the Second City—there’s a reason Chicago has so many nicknames: this is a city of multitudes. That also means there’s a lot to do here, from fine dining to award-winning local theater to cultural gems like the Art Institute of Chicago. Whether you’re visiting Chicago for the first time or the tenth, here are twenty things you absolutely can't miss.

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26 Home Theaters You Wish You Owned

Everyone would want to hang out at my house! Concession Stand in your home theater room! Fill with all your favorite treats and sweets. #keepingitrealestate


Love Theater! If you can't get to a local theater performances, CET Arts is a great way to experience the world stage. Info:


Must-See Movies Top

Must-See Movies Top. A marathon showing of the latest releases at the local theater? #modcloth


Spirited Away playing at the local theater May 24th This happens during the first phase of the story when Frank and Belka aren't talking. He tries to call during the movie, but she's silenced her phone. After the film, she makes a comment over coffee that he tried calling her twelve times already today. Her friends are surprised and they chat it over.

Identity design for award-winning Bristol theatre - Fiasco Design

Identity design for award-winning Bristol theatre - Fiasco Design


I like the style of the letters. And of course that's Jimi <3