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Zoo Animal Scavenger Hunt (Color and B/W)

Whether your class is taking a field trip to the local zoo, or if you simply use this scavenger hunt as a means of building animal vocabulary, this zoo animal scavenger hunt is a great supplement to your zoo unit! I also like to use scavenger hunts in literacy centers with a pile of relevant picture books or magazines.


50+ Zoo Animal Crafts for Kids

Summer is the perfect time to visit your local zoo, and what better way to bring the fun home than by making one of these 50+ zoo animal crafts for kids.


Tips for Riding the NYC Subway System

The NYC Subway System can be intimidating. It's crowded, fast paced, and the map can be hard to understand at first. Here is our guide to everything you need to know about the NYC Subway System to look and act like a local.


Foam Cup Lion Craft for Kids

This foam cup lion craft for kids is a cute summer kids craft and makes a great family activity after visiting you local zoo. You can find more fun animal crafts for kids on this site too.


These Animal Portraits Were All Shot During Visits to a Local Zoo

“Out of the Wild: Zoo Portraits” is a project by photographer Boza Ivanovic, who created artistic low-key portraits of animals during visits to a local zoo.


Zoo Animals Turtle Sentence Strip Hat Mask

Make this turtle with your students as you learn about zoo animals or make a trip to a local zoo....


Build A Zoo Habitat Project

The Build a Zoo Habitat Project is a fun way to teach your students about animal habitats using a project-based learning approach. During this project, your students become Habitat Creators for a local zoo. They will pretend that a local zoo has contacted them to design a habitat for one of their animals.