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Okunoshima is a small Japanese island, located in the Inland Sea of Japan, in the Hiroshima Prefecture. What’s special about this place is that it is completely crawling with rabbits – a bunny paradise of sorts. Nicknamed the Rabbit Okunoshima attracts thousands of animal lovers every year. Feeding bunnies can be one of the most relaxing pastimes, and people come here to do just that. The island is a popular day-trip and weekend holiday destination.

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Ultimate List of The Best Hostels in Japan Searching for the best hostels can be a bit overwhelming, especially when there are so many to choose from. This is the ultimate list of the BEST HOSTELS IN JAPAN, including prices, reviews, and locations. In th

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Paul Tibbets stands by the Enola Gay in an undisclosed location. The Enola Gay a B-29 was the first plane to drop an atomic bomb. Tibbets, his crew, and the Enola Gay dropped the bomb (Little Boy) on Hiroshima Aug 6, 1945. Three days later another bigger bomb (Fat Man) was dropped on Nagasaki. The two bombs effectively ended the war in Japan.

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Machi-Building, Architects: UID Architects Location: Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan Design Team: Keisuke Maeda Year: 2011

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A survivor still hospitalized in Hiroshima, showing arms and torso covered with keloids caused by the atomic bomb dropped on the city. Location: Hiroshima, Japan. Date taken: August 1947 Photographer: Carl Mydans

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