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In the case of Lochner v. New York the boundaries between business owners and and the workers. However the court ruled that as long as treatment is fair the business controls the workers contracts.


Lochner v New York 1905 Supreme Court Case Document Analysis Activity

Use primary source documents to review the turn of the century labor laws! This 1-page handout provides the original Supreme Court ruling as well as the document image for students to analyze with guiding questions for a better understanding of American documents and, in this case, the Lochner v New York or 1905 case. Includes a significance wrap-up question in which students utilize all of the information to explain the significance of the case or ruling. Answer Key is Provided!


Attributed to Kunz Lochner (German, 1510–1567). Bard made for Johann Ernst, Duke of Saxony-Coburg, dated 1548. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1932 (32.69) | This full bard comprises a shaffron, closed crinet of plate and mail for the neck, a peytral for the chest, flanchards for the sides, and a crupper for the rear of the horse. #horses


Rand Paul's Favorite Philosophers Think Poor People Are 'Parasites' | ThinkProgress - Last January, Rand Paul praised Justice Peckham’s most famous decision, Lochner v. New York, which gave employers sweeping rights to exploit their workers, as a model for the judiciary to follow.)


"Lochner fabricated a so-called right to contract in order to strike down a New York law preventing bakery owners from overworking bakers, but its rationale has implications for any law intended to shield workers from exploitation...Lochner established that any law that limits any contract between an employer and an employee is constitutionally suspect." Rand Paul: "I’m asking [Obama] today — to rethink the Lochner case. . . . I think it’s a wonderful decision."

(left) Armor for man and horse by Kunz Lochner, Nuremberg, 1548. Horse armor belonged to Johann Ernst, Duke of Saxony; man's armor is associated.


Character Design zum Judith-Muster. Tim Löchner, 2. Semester (New York - 1992 - Nadya Solowjow versucht ihre Familie zu schützen) Dozentin: Brandhorst

"How to apply lipstick, 2014" by Olivia Lochner | $1200 #photography NYTimes article: