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Since I came back from Hawaii, I've been having cravings for Loco Moco...This recipe is the closes thing that came to my flavorful needs of the Hawaiian Islands.

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Loco Moco

This classic Hawaiian comfort food dish has all of the elements: coconut rice, beef patties, rich gravy and egg. Ever tried Loco Moco? Check out how we’re doing it on the blog! | SimpleFood365

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Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a popular Hawaiian dish consisting of rice topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg, and drown in a delicious brown gravy!

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One Pot Hawaiian Loco Moco

One Pot Hawaiian Loco Moco - an easy one-pot breakfast or dinner version of the local Hawaiian comfort food.

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Loco Moco (Gluten free version); Hawaiian beef on rice with mushroom gravy, topped with egg. YUM!

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Hawaiian Loco Moco

The Adventures of Kitchen Girl: Hawaiian Loco Moco oh man I miss Hawaii!! Oh the Mac salad I'm drooling.

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The Hawaiian 'loco-moco' is a dish of rice topped with hamburger patties, onions and fried eggs.

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31 Hawaiian-Style Foods You Should Try In This Lifetime

Being born and raised in Hawai’i was amazing not just for the tropical weather, beautiful views, and wonderful people, but also because of the amazing food — what we like to call ~ono kine

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