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Locomotive manufacturing

Manchester Locomotive Works. 1855-1901. In 1901, Manchester and 7 other locomotive manufacturing firms merged to form American Locomotive Company (ALCO). Locomotive production ceased in 1913.

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X4449 Steam Locomotive. Southern Pacific’s Premier train, known as the Daylight, built in the 1940’s it operated out of Los Angeles to San Francisco, CA and El Paso, TX, as well as out of Oakland to Bakersfield, CA and Portland, OR.

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Detailed image of a locomotive injector part from a Nathan Manufacturing Company catalog at Steamtown National Historic Site

Former Borsigwerke factory precinct and Borsigturm tower: Borsigwerke Metro, U6 Line, 13507 Berlin

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Automated Manufacturing: Approaching Industry 4.0 Across Various Scenarios | As the world is making its way towards Industry 4.0 of completely automated “smart factories,” Cloud Foundry-based systems, such as GE Predix, can play a major role in achieving the goal. The blog post shares some real-life examples of automated manufacturing in healthcare, locomotive-building, transportation, oil and gas, etc.

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Extremely rare Suisei "Comet" dive bomber at Yasukuni-jinja Yushukan War Museum,Japan.Yasukuni-jinja Shinto shrine near Imperial Palace,Tokyo dedicated to "the restoration of peace in the Empire", in particular,laying to rest of spirits of 2 1/2 million Japanese who died during all Japan's wars.Attached Yushukan war museum has exhibits such as 1st locomotive to traverse the Thai-Burma railway,which was built by prisoners of war made famous in movie "Bridge Over the River Kwai".

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Smart Locomotive Manufacturing: Material Tracking with Predix and RFID Tags. The blog post explores how using #IoT solutions and #RFID tags can help to identify operational bottlenecks and improve legacy processes. Find out the results and lessons learned by GE in the course of optimizing transportation flows and enabling smart locomotive manufacturing. | #Predix #IIoT

The North British Locomotive Company (NBL, NB Loco or North British) was created in 1903 through the merger of three Glasgow locomotive manufacturing companies; Sharp, Stewart and Company (Atlas Works), Neilson, Reid and Company (Hyde Park Works) and Dübs and Company (Queens Park Works), creating the largest locomotive manufacturing company in Europe and the British Empire. GNR 1744 plate

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