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a behavior chart thats cute to use. I like the bottom where is states what the behavior was and says " I did or I was, I did not" Helps students learn they are responsible for their own behavior and choices. Also they know why they were in trouble and had consequences.


exponent rules and log rules~My current Chemistry class is forcing me to use Logs WITHOUT a calculator....what a skill...


Exponent Rules Chain Activity

My Algebra students created a decorative chain to hang in the classroom by completing 25 laws of exponents problems.


Computer Lab - Before You Go Posters

Computer Lab Reminders – Before You Go I love to have reminders on the door that students line up at to leave. They make great classroom decorations. These six reminders are perfect for making sure that students have logged out and cleaned up their work spaces. The reminders come as a full sheet poster. Included: Did you save your work and close all programs? Did you log out? Did you clean up your work space? Did you replace your headphones? Did you push your chair in? and more.